MultiHalfChecker 0

Colored Half Checkers

Item Type: Blocks

Colored Half Checker is a blocks that have a motive like a motive in chess board like normal Checkers but in a half size. The blocks is just a decoration that give you a colorful chess board motive. To get grey half checker you must craft it from grey checker because there is no grey dye to change color from other color.

GreyHalfChecker 0
Grey Half Checker
BlackHalfChecker 0
Black Half Checker
BlueHalfChecker 0
Blue Half Checker
GreenHalfChecker 0
Green Half Checker
OrangeHalfChecker 0
Orange Half Checker
PinkHalfChecker 0
Pink Half Checker
PurpleHalfChecker 0
Purple Half Checker
RedHalfChecker 0
Red Half Checker
WhiteHalfChecker 0
White Half Checker
YellowHalfChecker 0
Yellow Half Checker

Crafting RecipesEdit

How to make:

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