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Cubic Castles Game Play Video

Cubic Castles Game Play Video

A gameplay video on Cubic Castles. Scroll down for information!

Welcome to the CubicCastles Wikia!

Welcome to the Cubic Castles Wikia! Here you can learn about the game Cubic Castles by Cosmic Cow. Contributions would be great!


Cubic Castles is a 3D sandbox MMO(massively multiplayer online) game developed by Cosmic Cow. You can build whatever you want(as long as you have enough materials), mine for materials, craft and sell items, chat on the forums, and much much more!

You can find the official website for Cubic Castles here.

You can find the official forums for Cubic Castles here.

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Steam Version

Cubic Castles for Steam

for Steam released on 13 August 2014 as a free to play game and people can buy Cubits with real money. Cubic Castles recorded 1,334 players peak on 16 August 2014 according to Steamcharts and record 800~1,000 player daily.

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