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Colored Checkers

Item Type: Blocks

Colored Checkers are blocks that look just like chess boards. They have no real purpose, except as decorations(so if you wanted a classy floor then use this floor in black!). The default color is grey, but you can change it with Dye. The minimum dimensions to show color are 2x2.

GreyChecker 0
Grey Checker
BlackChecker 0
Black Checker
BlueChecker 0
Blue Checker
GreenChecker 0
Green Checker
OrangeChecker 0
Orange Checker
PinkChecker 0
Pink Checker
PurpleChecker 0
Purple Checker
RedChecker 0
Red Checker
WhiteChecker 0
White Checker
YellowChecker 0
Yellow Checker

Crafting RecipesEdit

How to make:

Output Material Material Crafting . Station
Grey Checker 2 Stone Coal Block Workbench
Stone Block Coal Block Workbench
Coal 2 Stone Workbench

Change Color


You can play chess in these blocks