Bomb 0
Item Type: Blocks

Once this item is placed, a three second countdown takes place. Once the timer reaches the end of the countdown, the bomb explodes and unroots all surrounding blocks (such as precious diamonds and emeralds and even rubys!!! but also normal blocks like dirt and sand) within a certain radius

Any players caught within the blast radius, are instantly killed.

A Bomb once placed, can be picked up again prior to detonation ( even by other players if they have build permissions, and in Natural Mines, any player can pick up a placed bomb ).

The only ways to acquire a bomb, is via the Cubit Store and in a Dehydrated Cube.


Refined Iron Ball + Fuse + Boom Powder + Charcoal

Bomb blast radius

Bomb blast radius. This is the general radius of a bomb blast, though the radius is in fact spherical with this design. Red: Effected area. Orange: Bomb placement. White: Un-effected blocks.